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2010-11-06 18:12:15 by kerseyj

makin some stuff for christmas but i'm lazy gonna be awhile


2010-08-28 11:32:27 by kerseyj

my last post wasn't up 2 date i am still making flashes like stuff for madness day, halloween and christmas but not twinkie eating contest and there's another that i'm working on 10% done probably gonna give up though


2010-08-08 13:10:29 by kerseyj

finished uploading a couple there's still more i'm making like
eddsworld vurs ?
twinkie eating contest
and some more coming looking for partners on a few like a collab or something (i will give you credit)


2010-08-03 19:44:57 by kerseyj

making flashes
austyn gets abducted by aliens - 30%
(no name movie) - 65%
twinkie eating contest - 0%

keep an eye out for them cuz i'm gonna be posting them soon!
p.s i have a name for the no name movie but it's a really awesome idea that know one has thought of yet and i don't want to give it away before i upload it. (you know copiers) (especially ones that can animate better than me and get it out quicker before i can)

not right code

2010-08-03 13:46:01 by kerseyj

i had some other flashes that i made but i made them for youtube not newgrounds so i can't upload them cuz they gotta be swf but they're wmv


2010-08-03 13:17:05 by kerseyj

working on a whole bunch of flashes!!! so be looking for them!